What attracts investors in Poland?

Poland can be called one of the forges and granaries of Europe. Here, a large area is combined with hard work, the presence of versatile production and cheap labor. That, in general, makes the country very attractive for foreign investors. And this is proved by the constant increase in the number of foreign companies.

In 2014, 20% more foreign companies were opened in Poland than in 2013. And for the first half of 2015 already opened 50% more (or 6584 companies) than in 2014. And the figure will continue to grow.

Poland is one of those countries within the EU, which leads in the number of foreign direct investment in its economy. Foreign investors create new enterprises or buy existing ones to develop a variety of areas, from the production of fertilizers to heavy machinery.

Why do investors from all over the world choose this country?

There are several reasons.

First, there is legislation that favors foreign investment. The company in Poland to create a fairly simple and fast, there are no special restrictions for foreigners (except banks), you can easily receive and export their profits.

The law also provides a high level of protection for investors: there is even such a thing as compensation in case the company is nationalized! (Although this can be considered a hidden pitfall because if the law spelled out compensation, so the authorities keep in mind and the opportunity to take away the property but it’s so, the idea in the background).

An important and interesting relaxation that has fueled interest in Poland, the ability to buy almost unlimited real estate in the country, including agricultural land. Previously, it was necessary to obtain permission from the Interior Ministry or even the Minister of agriculture. Life is easier now.

Investors also receive various benefits, such as accelerated depreciation of fixed assets. Given that in some industries important for the country, the VAT rate can be reduced from the standard 23% to 5%, there is interest. But it is worth mentioning that if the investor violates local laws, then he will lose the benefits very quickly.

You can create a company in Poland in about 10 days. And this can be done personally by coming to the country and can be through a proxy. The most popular form of doing business is a limited liability company, the authorized capital of which starts from 5.000 zlotys or 1.2 thousand euros.

Yes, the presence of its own currency within the EU makes Poland also an interesting place, because it is more profitable to work.

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