Ways to go to Poland

For a short-term visit to Poland, you can come on a regular tourist voucher, self-made travel plan (in both cases, you need a special tourist visa), the invitation of relatives or friends who have long moved to Poland. You can also come here at the invitation of various legal entities that organize conferences here, specialized seminars and other similar events.

To move to Poland for permanent residence, you can also use various methods. Among the most popular:

  • Employment with mandatory paperwork firm, taking you to the position, through the province.
  • Opening your own business in the country with the subsequent arrival here.
  • Training in one of the local universities. In this case, Poland grants equal rights to both full-time and part-time students.
  • Restoration of family ties, as well as marriage with a representative of the state.

Any of these methods will give the opportunity to go to Poland with the prospect of further permanent residence. It is only important to properly document your own departure so that the authorities do not have any questions to you, and you yourself were not at risk of deportation.

Required documents

To move to Poland, you need to prepare a standard package of documents in advance, which will include passports, insurance policy at least category A, international type rights, if you are going to cross the border of Poland on your own car or want to drive it in this country. You will also need documents confirming the purpose of your visit; invitations from relatives, friends, a tourist voucher, an invitation from the employer.

In that case, if you are going to Poland with young children, certainly you must have permission from one of the parents to leave the child. If the baby is traveling in a group without their parents, such permission must be from both, and if the duration of the trip it will be a few months, you also need an official paper from the Guardian Council.

Additional documents confirming the status of the person must be in the hands of students and pensioners. Please note, however, it is desirable that these are documents of international standard. This also applies to journalists, participants in international projects and others.

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