The culture and traditions of Poland

Poland is not just a country where it is comfortable to live, study and work profitably. It is also a state that has an amazing cultural heritage, the traditions of which are kept here to this day.

What is the originality of the cultural space of Poland, and what visitors here should first pay attention to, we will try to understand this material.

General information on Polish culture

The culture of these people has a very respectable age-over a thousand years. Most strongly influenced by her religion. Poland has received many world-class masterpieces in almost all branches of culture. In literature, it has such delightful representatives as Stanislav LEM, Adam Mickiewicz, Boleslav Prus, Henrik Senkevich. From the mass reader’s special love enjoys now Andrzej Sapkowski.

But the Nobel prize Polish literature received in the person of Wisława Szymborska, Henryk Sienkiewicz, czesław Milos. If we talk about what the most prominent representatives of music gave the culture of Poland, among them can not be noted such a bright author as Frederic Chopin. Also, it is from here that many popular dances went; Mazurka, Varshavyanka, Polonaise.

Customs and traditions of the Polish people

The Polish people have preserved many interesting traditions associated with religious holidays and festivities, which today can be studied by anyone who came to this country. The most striking of them should be considered: Christmas pageant with a star, during which children and adolescents play scenes on biblical subjects. Such guests can take almost any yard and enjoy an interesting colorful performance. However, for the visit of the kids will have to pay if not sweets, then at least zloty.

Masquerades Sylvester (as in the country called new year’s eve). During this period, mass celebrations are arranged, and even foreigners are invited if not to take the most active part in them, then at least taste the Goodies and ride on a sleigh.

Fat Thursday. Such an unusual celebration people arrange the last days of festivities before lent. The traditional dish of the day; donuts with different fillings. Thus poles say goodbye to winter holidays.

The character of the Polish people

The people of Poland combine in their national character different, often contradictory features. On the one hand, this nation is very proud, conservative, with special respect for their own traditions and the memory of their ancestors. So for example, it is established that any Polish person who has relatives buried in the territory of other states will overcome kilometers every year to honor their memory on the first of November. And certainly, no resident of this country will never agree that there is somewhere a people better than what lives in this country.

On the other hand, the nation is very hospitable and friendly. They will be glad to give a warm welcome to the dear guest who has come to them at any time. They willingly maintain contacts with friends, near and distant relatives and meet at every opportunity.

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