Student study visa in Poland

If you enter one of the universities in Poland, it does not matter, public, private, to stay here and study you need a special visa.

Let’s see what kind of documents are needed for its registration, as well as what features of obtaining entry to this country are available for students.

Registration and visa in 2019-2020

In 20167 and 2018, the visa for students of all forms at universities in Poland is obtained by a standard algorithm. Initially, a person is registered at the consulate or visa center, chooses the time to submit documents, which are required by the standard student visa.

After that, he prepares their full package and at the appointed time passes to the organization, undergoes the procedure of fingerprinting, without which the visa can not be approved. The last stage of visa processing is an interview.

A few days after submitting the documents and visiting the center or consulate with a personal visit, the applicant decides and gives him a passport with a visa or refusal.

In case of failure, the applicant can apply again. It is desirable to clarify why it was on his candidacy was made a negative decision in order to eliminate the shortcomings in the paperwork.

Terms and cost of the visa

Usually, terms of issue of such stamp make only six days (if documents are issued correctly, and the commission considering them has no additional questions to the applicant). However, in the season, for example, immediately after the opening campaign, this period may stretch, taking in some cases a month. Usually, it happens because of the large influx of people in visa centers.

The cost of obtaining a student visa may vary depending on whether someone helps the applicant with the paperwork.

So if the future student does it on their own, you will need to pay only 35 euros (this is a standard consular fee). The same amount is additionally paid for urgent filing if it is necessary. The amount is considerable, but it gives a certain guarantee that you will be granted a visa just in time.

First steps for obtaining a student visa to Poland

In order to get exactly such a stamp in your own passport, you need to initially pass the competition in your chosen University and get an official invitation from him, without it you will not be issued a visa.

Immediately after that, you need to start collecting documents and go through the registration procedure is to submit documents to the consulate, visa center. You can do it yourself by coming to this organization, or by contacting a special agency where you will be helped to choose the perfect time to visit such an organization.

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