Residence permit in Poland for entrepreneurs

A separate permit is required for those who decide to set up their business in Poland. To get it, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Availability of health insurance.
  • Availability of funds to support themselves and their families.
  • If required by law, obtain permission to perform a specific professional activity.
  • Have a guaranteed place of residence.

At the same time, the following requirements are put forward to the business itself:

  • The company in the previous tax period received income not less than 12 average monthly salaries or employed for an indefinite period and gave to work for at least 1 year 2 Polish citizens or foreigners who have a work permit in Poland.
  • Or proof that there are means and conditions in the future to meet the above requirements, or the company takes actions that will increase investment, get technology, etc.

To obtain a residence permit for entrepreneurs, you must submit a tax return, a certificate of fulfillment of tax obligations by the company, the act of establishment of the company, the balance sheet of the company, proof of income and damage incurred, a completed form, documents that will confirm the income / employment of 2 people/ the availability of funds and conditions to meet the requirements in the future.

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