Rent an apartment in Poland

Among many visitors, the question of renting an apartment in Poland arises quite often and acutely. This also applies to customers who have decided to go to Poland under the business immigration program, as well as for those who by virtue of their business activities from time to time visit Poland.

In this regard, in one article I decided to collect all the information to talk in detail about the possibilities of renting housing in Poland, as well as dispel myths about this topic. In the process of reading my article, you will be able to make sure that the process of renting an apartment in Poland you, as a citizen of another country does not make any difficulties, and we can become your reliable partners in the successful implementation of this event.

City and price

Choosing a city is always not an easy task that requires analysis and time. But in the end, it all comes down to the main purpose of visiting or living in Poland.

Those who want to rent an apartment in Warsaw, you need to count on more tangible costs than those who, for example, are willing to rent a house in Olsztyn or Poznan.

Of course, the price of renting an apartment depends on many factors, which include location, condition of the building (old or new), access to shopping centers and transport. In addition, it should be borne in mind that in addition to the basic rent, to the prices indicated in the table it is necessary to add a fee for communal expenses, which can range from 25 euros and reach costs of 250 euros. Often, the amount of utility bills depends on the class of the apartment, if you rent luxury apartments in the skyscrapers of Warsaw, then, of course, your costs will soon approach the maximum possible value of the cost of utilities.

Where to start?

Once you have implemented all your plans regarding visa and other issues, there comes a series of selection of the right apartment near the Vistula, for your stay in comfort and coziness.

According to Polish law, the minimum rental period is 3 months. Apartments, hotels, hostels, and motels are considered for shorter rental periods. Regarding the Deposit, it is equal to the cost of the monthly rent. As an additional condition, some of the landlords Express their reluctance to rent apartments to people who have children. Unfortunately, there are such, so before you sign a lease, it is necessary to specify everything in detail.

The lease agreement is drawn up in Polish and is concluded only between interested parties. The contract can be certified by a notary, but in this case, the costs are borne by the tenant of the apartment.

The term of termination of the contract for renting an apartment in Poland is usually 1 month. If you terminate the contract before its end, you have the right to return the Deposit paid. Therefore, it is preferable to conclude contracts for up to one year.

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