Real estate in Warsaw

Every migrant going to Warsaw, considering buying or renting housing for themselves, whether it is a house, apartment or even a room. In order for him to easily cope with this task, he needs to know the current state of the real estate market, as well as the procedure for registration of transactions on real estate in accordance with local legislation.

Let’s look at the basic rules of buying and renting apartments and rooms in Warsaw so that you do not have problems in solving such issues.

The state of the real estate market in Poland

The real estate market in Poland is one of the most stable in Europe. In recent years, the prices of the main objects here have changed only by a few percents. In the 15 largest centers in the country, there has been an increase in the rate of sale of properties and a decrease in the number of apartments or other types of real estate that are waiting for a new owner.

The most stable in this period was the real estate market in Warsaw, as it is the only city where the price at which the average apartment is sold, almost has not been revised.

Buying and selling real estate in Warsaw

Polish law divides properties into two major categories:

  1. Apartments. To purchase an object from this category, a foreigner does not need any additional permission and even legal status, including a residence permit.
  2. House. In this case, the buyer who does not have a residence permit or is not married to a citizen, you need to get permission from the Minister of the interior.

For the transaction for each object is a special contract, after which the buyer pays from 5% to 10% of the cost of housing in advance. If the transaction fails, this amount will be transferred to the seller in the doubled amount (of course, if the property was not sold through the fault of the buyer).

The real estate transaction itself is subject to mandatory state registration. During its registration, the status of the object, the availability of rights to it from the seller and other nuances are also checked. The whole process can be quite long and usually takes up to six months. However, it is necessary to pass it without fail, in order to get all the rights to real estate.

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