Programs for obtaining Polish Citizenship

An applicant for Polish citizenship must know by heart the Polish anthem, the main provisions of the Polish laws, the names of the country’s leadership, as well as be able to describe the state symbols. But it is worth noting that the passage of this test is not necessarily for everyone. Thus, children under 18 years of age, political refugees, persons falling under the citizenship program for special merits are exempted from this event.

By right of the origin

Children whose parents are both Polish automatically become Polish citizens. If one of the parents is not a Polish citizen, his / her written consent to grant citizenship to the child is required.

If the child’s parents are not poles, the child born in the country does not receive Polish citizenship, unlike many Western countries, where this possibility is provided. The exception is children whose origin is unknown.

Family reunification program

Citizenship under this program can be obtained by spouses whose second halves already have a passport of a citizen of Poland. To do this, two conditions must be met. First, to confirm that the marriage is not a fiction. For this purpose, it is necessary to pass checks of migration service. Secondly, to live in the country for 3 years on the basis of a residence permit.

Pay attention! If one of the close relatives is a citizen of Poland, it is also necessary to confirm the relationship documented and live in Poland for 3 years to become compatriots.

Marriage is one of the most popular reasons for obtaining Polish citizenship.

Program for entrepreneurs

Before you get Polish citizenship under the business support program, an immigrant must invest in the Polish economy 5000 zlotys or more. Due to this foreigner can apply for a work residence permit, and after 5 years to make a permanent residence permit and citizenship.

The program for the return home of immigrants from Poland

Repatriation is provided for persons of Polish nationality who can document that at least one of their relatives, no older than their grandparents, was a Polish citizen or was born in the territory of the present-day Republic of Poland.

Decisions on this program are usually made within 1-3 years, as it takes time to verify the authenticity of documents and certificates of origin. If the belonging to the Polish people is confirmed, the Polish woman receives the special visa which gives the right to issue the special card of the pole and automatically to become the citizen of Poland.

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