Polish citizenship by roots: Search for family ties in Poland

The Polish government cares about attracting more compatriots to the country, so it has launched many different programs that allow you to simply obtain Polish citizenship. Most of these programs are based on the necessity of Polish origin, which is proved by the participant.

Further, we will dwell on the issues related to the search for Polish roots, as well as what they can help in obtaining citizenship.

Polish citizenship by origin

The easiest way to get Polish citizenship is to prove that there are poles in the family. If there are any relatives, you can use one of the options:

  1. Draw a map of the pole
  2. Make a repatriation visa

Pay attention! Only a person who knows the Polish language and has Polish roots can obtain a repatriation visa.

With a repatriation visa, you need to get a card Stalego Pobytu (or simply permanent residence), which is issued in Poland. To do this, the Voivodeship at the place of registration must submit documents proving to belong to the Polish nation. If permanent residence is issued and the immigrant has lived in Poland for at least three years, you can safely start registration of citizenship.

Search for Polish roots

To find the Polish roots for the map of the pole, first of all, it is necessary to ask parents and older relatives (grandparents or their brothers/sisters) about possible relatives who were born and lived in Poland, and the territories that were previously part of it are taken into account.

It is also necessary to view and carefully examine the family archive. If the documents are still not preserved, they will have to go to the archives. This can be done both independently and through intermediaries. But before you go anywhere, it is necessary to narrow the boundaries of information search.

Where to look?

If the documents still have to look, it is best to start the search with unofficial sources. For example, you can use the electronic database https://szukajwarchiwach.pl./. it contains information about all archival documents that are stored in Poland. Also through it, you can search for Polish roots by name.

If the relatives lived on the lands that previously belonged to Poland, which are now part of Western Ukraine, you should use the resources of the Warsaw Central archive – http://agad.gov.pl/. this site also contains information about all the archives of the country.

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