Obtaining Polish citizenship by origin

Children of poles and persons having family ties with poles up to the third generation, i.e. up to grandparents, have the right to obtain Polish citizenship by their roots. Filiation is available through repatriation or through pre-registration of the pole Card.

Who can claim Polish citizenship by origin?

Children of poles receive Polish citizenship automatically and without registration of any status. If one of the parents is a foreigner, filiation will require applications from both parents, in particular, the second parent must give their consent to the child’s admission to Polish citizenship. Within 3 months after the birth of the child in 2019, the parents provide a birth certificate and under oath give their consent to the fact that the minor became a citizen of Poland. In this case, the child is granted Polish citizenship by roots or origin.

Repatriation is the second way of acquiring citizenship by origin, it involves the return of an ethnic pole to his homeland.

The principle of blood in obtaining citizenship is valid in the case when the Russians have Polish roots to the third knee. In particular, the applicant’s parents or grandparents must be of Polish nationality.

Repatriation is available only to citizens of the former Soviet republics, and persons had to live until 01.01.2001 in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan or in the Asian part of Russia (Siberia). What is the nationality of the applicant of the above when applying to the Consulate does not matter. The importance of this date is explained by the fact that the law of the same name began to operate from this day.

The Polish Card confirms the Polish origin of the applicant and allows to apply for citizenship in a shorter time and / or on repatriation. The card is available to persons who can prove their belonging to ethnic poles, knowledge of the state language and knowledge of the culture.

The procedure for registration of citizenship to ethnic poles

To obtain citizenship through repatriation, the applicant submits a request to the Consulate of Poland. After the foreigner is invited to pass an interview at the Consulate. If the papers are collected correctly, and the Consul approves the issuance of your citizenship, the package of documents is sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Administration in Warsaw, which make the final decision. With a repatriation visa, the migrant has the right to issue permanent residence in Poland (card Stalego Stay). This is done by the Voivodeship at the place of residence of the foreigner. After 3 years of residence in the country for permanent residence, foreigner applies for citizenship.

For registration of citizenship through the card of the pole also apply to the Consulate at the place of residence. There the applicant proves his nationality and knowledge of the Polish language. After receiving the Card, the applicant has the right to obtain permanent residence, and a year later to apply for citizenship.

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