List of beautiful and significant cities in Poland

Poland is a country where everything is possible; to combine a holiday in the sea with a cultural and educational program, as well as to do sports and improve your health. Of course, do not forget that here you can find a suitable university to study or a good job. Undoubtedly, for all this, you should choose a city. And we will talk on the topic; major cities of Poland-the list of the most popular and rich in attractions.

If you are going to go to Poland to live, you should seriously approach the choice of the city. After all, each of them has its pros and cons, somewhere there are great employment opportunities, but expensive housing, somewhere on the contrary.


The capital and the largest city by population in Poland, which stretches on both banks of the Vistula river. Warsaw-the University center of the country, there are a dozen higher education institutions and about 500.000 students. That’s mean quarter of the city’s population.

The Polish capital is also interesting from the point of view of architecture, which is represented by a variety of styles. Of particular interest are the palaces of Warsaw, many of which were carefully restored after the destruction in World war II.


The capital of Silesia is called one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in Poland. Wroclaw will delight tourists with a charming Old town with Baroque and Gothic buildings. One of the main attractions of the city: Wroclaw Cathedral in the Gothic style.

Wroclaw stands on the river Odra, which in the center of the city branches off into several branches, so the city has many bridges and canals that form its face.


A resort town and a major port in Northern Poland, located on the Baltic sea. Gdansk is chosen for travel by those who want to immerse themselves in Polish history, enjoying the local architecture, and qualitatively relax on the sea in the warm season or soak up in one of the Spa-hotels.


One of the youngest and most modern cities in Poland. The sailing capital of Poland attracts with its beaches, beautiful cliff over the Baltic sea and magnificent museums. Every year, in the summer here come crowds of tourists from all over the world to the famous festival Open’er.


Sopot is a popular Polish resort. In 1823, the first therapeutic baths were built here, and the town quickly became one of the most prestigious resorts. Compared to Gdansk or Gdynia hotels are cheaper, and the resort atmosphere attracts those who prefer to relax on the sandy Baltic beach. Here is the famous half-kilometer pier, the longest in Europe.

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