Life of pensioners in Poland

The life of pensioners in Poland is often seen by CIS residents as a kind of idyll. After all, it is believed that in this country, older citizens receive a high level of social benefits, enjoy various benefits, discounts, in addition, can travel throughout the Schengen area without a visa. They do not need to worry about employment, although they can work without losing their pension. Whether this is true, we will try to understand this material.

What is the pension in Poland?

In Poland, a new retirement age of 67 years has been established in recent years. Residents younger than him can expect to receive a disability pension or seniority, but those who have such a right, the country is not so much, because the majority seeks to work until the last day to get the maximum amount of budget payments.

According to the level of provision of funds, pensioners in Poland lag behind residents of other Schengen countries. Their pension is significantly lower because many can not afford to travel the world, visiting various resorts and other delights, unless, of course, they have not found additional work. There is no layer of rich pensioners typical for Western countries.

The average pension in this country is 1800 zlotys. This amount is actually quite sufficient for a comfortable life of pensioners, even in such large centers as Warsaw or Krakow. In addition to this amount and receive discounts on travel by train, and in public transport mainly go for free.

How pension is calculated in Poland?

As in other countries, the level of pension in Poland depends on various factors, including seniority of pensioners, their earnings, as well as employment. So already in order to receive here the minimum payments, the applicant must prove that he has a work experience of at least 15 years (this is for women) 20 (for men), which is only legal work. If he succeeds, the state can be assigned a minimum pension, the amount of which will be 800 zlotys. In the same case, if a person can not confirm this fact, he will be charged a smaller pension depending on the official length of service.

For pensioners who have worked for more than 20 years, there are payments under the standard scheme. In this case, the pension will be only 40% of the salary level.

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