How to open a business in Poland?

A work visa enables a migrant in Poland not only to get a job but even to run his own business, taking advantage of the protection of local authorities and simpler business conditions typical of the EU. Today, this opportunity is open to many.

About the same, what business is better to start here, how to register it and under what norms to orient, will be discussed in this material.

Doing business in Poland

Those who decided to open a business here, it is recommended to start with small businesses, which can then be developed to medium and even large firms. Activities here may be different. If we talk about the most promising, these can and should include trade enterprises that can also work for export to the CIS countries, firms engaged in software development, language schools.

Such enterprises are always in demand and can be organized in almost any Polish city. You can also offer this country any other options for business organization, if you are well versed in the direction, you can bring to the market something original demanded by the consumer.

The cost of opening a company in Poland

To register any business here, a potential entrepreneur will have to spend an amount of 3 thousand euros, regardless of what kind of activity he has chosen for himself. In addition, it will be necessary to put on the account of the company’s authorized capital, the amount of which depends on the form of activity and the planned turnover of the future enterprise (this figure is desirable to specify independently in a separate order).

There are additional costs the firm will require for the purchase of goods, equipment, rental of premises. These expenses will be coordinated with your business plan and can be revised already in the course of work directly on your object.

Conditions of registration of business

Every foreigner who has received a work visa for this purpose has the right to register a company in Poland. Foreigners from the European Union have the right to open an organization of any form of ownership here. But the residents of the CIS, not officially staying here as refugees or have not received shelter in Poland, are available only to LLC or JSC, as well as a Command company or a Commander-stock company.

The registration procedure, in any case, will be very simple and a lot of time from you will not require. For its implementation, you will need to have a ready-made business plan, Charter and apply with these papers to the Economic Department of the court. The documents will be considered there, and then entered in the Commercial register. Next, you will need to wait for the announcement of information about the opening of your enterprise in the local publication “MonitorSadowy i Gospodarsczy”. As soon as you pass this stage, you will be assigned a personal statistical number, and your business will be registered in the statistics and Social Insurance Service.

Next, you will only need to open your own account on one of the local banks to conduct various operations and register with the local tax service. Immediately after that, you will be able to do business in Poland freely.

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