How to obtain Polish citizenship on the basis of marriage?

Citizenship of Poland-this comfortable and promising EU country-for many foreigners who live, study and work in Poland, is the main and ultimate goal. This is not surprising, because the standard of living in Poland is quite high and is growing progressively, and citizens of the country are getting more rights, benefits, and opportunities from the government. We are talking not only about high salaries but also about high-quality infrastructure, a high level of medicine and education, simplified movement in Europe and so on.

In addition, now to obtain Polish citizenship is not necessary to abandon the existing, that is, in Poland, it is possible to be a person with dual citizenship, and the documents for its receipt can be submitted through the voivode or Consul. In addition, the procedure for obtaining citizenship is not so complicated, the decision should be expected in 30 days, but sometimes the process lasts up to three months.

One way to obtain Polish citizenship, according to Polish law, is to marry a Polish citizen. Most foreigners believe that this is one of the easiest ways to obtain citizenship and often even enter into sham marriages with poles.

However, let’s understand all the nuances and aspects of this issue. Is marriage to a pole / Polish woman alone a legal basis for obtaining Polish citizenship? What documents do you need in order to marry a citizen of Poland? Finally, what do you need to get the citizenship of this country?

Marriage of a foreigner with a Polish citizen: All the important nuances

When a foreigner wishes to marry a Polish citizen, the couple immediately raises thousands of questions relating to the legal aspect of the event. Where to marry? What documents do you need to have? What visa should have a foreigner to marry a Polish citizen, etc. Let’s deal with everything in order.

Where is it necessary for a foreigner to marry a Polish citizen?

Register their relationship with a Polish citizen foreigner can both at home and in Poland. However, as a rule, brides and grooms prefer to register their marriage in Poland.

It is necessary to know that the registration of marriage with a Polish citizen takes place only one month after the submission of all necessary documents and the application of the two parties to the marriage Department. To reduce this waiting period and to obtain a marriage permit earlier is possible only for very good reasons (for example, the pregnancy of the bride).

First, you need to know that marriage in Poland is regulated, as in most countries of the world, family and guardianship codes. Here you can register a marriage in two ways:

  1. In civilian form-by contacting the Polish “registry office”.
  2. In the confessional form-after the wedding ceremony in the Church.

According to the Polish legislation, those marriages which are concluded in Management of civil status and those which were taken in a Church or other Church are considered as legal also. So, whatever method of marriage you would not choose, and in USC, and in the Church you will need the same documents.

What documents are required for registration of marriage of a foreigner with a Polish citizen?

In order for a foreigner to be able to marry a Polish citizen, the future spouses must submit to the Office of civil status a statement from both sides of the intention to marry. In addition, the foreigner must attach the following documents to the application:

  • Photo identification document (copy of passport).
  • Copy of birth certificate with Polish translation.
  • Certificate from the country of origin on the possibility of marriage with a Polish translation (this document indicates that, according to the legislation of the country of origin, the person can marry, that is, at the moment it is not married and not declared incapacitated).

It should also be remembered that at the time of marriage, the foreigner must be legally in Poland; have a visa (with any type of national or Schengen visa), a biometric passport, a pole card or a card of stay.

After marriage in Poland, spouses receive a marriage certificate, which documents the fact of marriage.

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