How to get a temporary residence permit in Poland?

If your goals require you to stay in Poland for more than 3 months, then you need a temporary residence permit. This document is issued for a maximum of 3 years or less if your task is solved for him. The extension is possible.

Important: temporary residence permits are not automatically renewed. It is necessary before the end of the permit to apply for a new permit. Otherwise, you will have to leave Poland and get a new visa to enter and obtain a residence permit again.

To apply, you must complete 4 copies of the application form, provide a valid passport and 3 photocopies, 4 photos, and if the person is a minor, permission from parents and guardians. Required to show the availability of health insurance and funds that will last for life.

  • Documents must be translated into Polish.
  • Consideration of the application takes 1 month, in particularly difficult cases-2 months.

The justification for applying for a residence permit in Poland can be education, work, business, family reunification. Separately considered those who claim to be a Pole Card, that is, those who were able to prove their Polish origin.

  • Opening a personal account in Poland in a bank is 500 EUR.

Residence permit in Poland through education

It implies admission to a Polish University of any degree, from bachelor (licentiate)through graduate to postgraduate. To obtain a residence permit is necessary to provide a certificate of admission from the University, to prove the fact of payment (if education is paid), to obtain health insurance, and have a reserve of funds for living and leaving the country.

  • Required 543 zlotys per month (about 120 euros). You also need a place to stay.
  • The permit is issued for a period of education plus three months or 15 months with the possibility of extension.

If desired, the student can change the student visa to a student residence card. What’s different? In both cases, you can travel to the Schengen countries no more than 3 months in six months. Visa documents are submitted abroad, and the card in Poland. Work on a visa is possible only in July, August, and September, and on the card constantly during the period of training. In addition, the card allows you to do business in Poland as well as citizens of the country.

  • After graduation, a foreigner has the right to apply for an annual visa to search for work.
  • The period of study is counted only half when calculating the period for permanent residence and citizenship.

Residence permit in Poland through work

It offers different options, from the usual contract to the EU Blue Card and transfer within an international company.

An ordinary work contract implies that the company has not found a suitable specialist in the local market and hires a foreigner. His salary should not be less than the market average according to his position. Funds should be enough for living, plus there should be a place to stay. Also required medical insurance and an extract from the tax on the payment of taxes or a statement that personal income tax in Poland is not paid.

Prior to obtaining a residence permit, a foreigner does not need to obtain a work permit, it goes along with a residence permit with a positive decision. A foreigner can work for different employers, but they must all be specified in the documents and permits. If you change the employer, you must inform the Governor within 15 working days.

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