Documents for obtaining a Schengen visa to Poland

One of the most important steps to obtain a visa for any European is to apply for it.

It is very important to strictly observe the list specified for this purpose by special services, and also it is correct to issue each separate paper. How to do this to fully meet the requirements of the consulate and in a timely manner to leave for Poland, we will talk in this article.

The general list of documents for obtaining a visa

For the approval of any type of visa, the applicant must submit a general package of papers. Enter into it:

  • Passport abroad, the validity of which should not end earlier than 3 months after the return of the trip. You will need data from the OVIR about old passports, if they have already been handed over, they should be presented in the form of an extract.
  • Valid passport, as well as copies of all its pages.
  • The questionnaire is standard for a visa.
  • 2 full-color photographs 3, 5×4, 5.
  • Insurance coverage policy from 30 thousand euros, suitable for your category. Such a policy should apply to the entire Schengen area, not only to Poland.
  • For employees of various public and private structures, a certificate from the place of work with the designation of the position, salary.
    Tax return for persons who do not currently have an official place of employment.
  • For entrepreneurs who went to Poland-an extract from the register, as well as copies of all necessary documents for the visa constituent.
    Special category; students or pensioners-forms confirming this status.
  • Papers on the basis of which the representatives of the consulate will be able to conclude that you can properly ensure the trip. These are either sponsorship documents or statements from your accounts.
  • Those papers that can confirm the purpose of your trip. And it can be already purchased tours to Poland, own development of the route, hotel booking data, places in the sanatorium.
  • Documents that confirm your right to be in the territory of the country from which you are going to travel (if the resident of the country where you are applying for a visa, you are not).

Please note that the consulate always reserves the right to request any additional documents for a visa from the applicant wishing to enter Poland. Their list is also determined on an individual basis.

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