Citizenship and passport of Poland

Almost every migrant who has real estate in Poland, business, who wants to work or study here permanently, can easily obtain citizenship of the country, and then get a Polish passport.

What do you need to accomplish this task? How long will the applicant have to wait for citizenship? It needs to be analyzed in detail.

Advantages of citizenship in Poland

Currently, migrants can count on citizenship, passports in various European countries, including the Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, and many others.

Why in this case it is advisable to obtain the documents of Poland? There are a number of reasons, including:

  • The ability to move freely almost throughout the EU, as well as to obtain documents in the United States or Canada on simplified terms.
  • The right to all available social guarantees in Poland. And this is high-quality medicine, the opportunity to get an education and do business on equal terms with the poles.
  • The right to place their own funds in almost all banks in Poland, the European Union on the same terms as other citizens of the Schengen countries people.
  • The opportunity to work in almost all enterprises of the Schengen area without obtaining an additional visa to each country with mandatory accrual of experience, as well as taking into account the level of earnings in determining the size of the pension.
  • The right to buy and own real estate here, as well as other resources.

You can get citizenship by blood, on the basis of the card of the pole, as well as documents confirming that you have a long-term contract for work or training here.

Stages of obtaining Polish citizenship

In order to obtain Polish citizenship and passport, each applicant must go through several main stages of the process. They provide:

  • Determination of the basis on which you can be granted citizenship.
  • Such may be the birth in the country, the presence of Polish citizenship in one of the parents, continuous residence in Poland for more than 3 years to study or do business, repatriation. Any of the above reasons must be documented.
  • Preparation of documents for citizenship, as well as filling out the questionnaire and drawing up the application. Applicants for local citizenship, who are over 18 years old, need to take additional special tests. Among them is a test on language, culture, political structure. It is necessary to obtain at least a minimum level to expect to receive a Polish passport.
  • Submission of documents to the Voivodeship. Please note, you should do this not at the place where you are registered, but directly at the address of actual residence. It is also necessary to specify in the questionnaire, which is filled in in order to obtain citizenship of Poland.

Representatives of authorized bodies immediately after submission of documents for consideration will study them within several months, however, will pass to the solution of this question immediately. At the end of the consideration of your case, you will be notified of a negative or positive decision.

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